The Catholic University of America

Senior Projects in the Department, 1997-present

The undergraduate senior project requirement was introduced in the department in 1997; through spring 2010 it took the specific form of a senior thesis, but from then on became a more flexible endeavor designed jointly by the student and his or her faculty adviser. We are pleased to present here the titles of our past senior projects and theses; hard copies of all of them are available for consultation in the department library.



Joseph Prego
A Southwestern Mediterranean Transitional Model: Cultural De-Romanization Following the 4th Century AD


Angelica Sisson
The Tragic Aspects of Antigone in Sophocles and Sophoclean Interpretations




Christen Dutkowsky

Augustine on Happiness: A Comparative Study of the De Beata Vita and the Enneads


Sarah Jackson  

Reviving the Ancient World: Jacques-Louis David and The Funeral of Patroclus


Samantha Janazzo

Pedagogy and Latin Introductory Education: Should Everyone Learn Latin?


John Marshall 
Doxa in Transition: Tracing Its Semantic Shift from Homer to the New Testament


Michael Schwab

History of the Ancient Mediterranean World: A Material Approach




Anne-Marie Cannatella
A Portrayal of Christ: The Human and the Divine


Shannon Ells
Do the Dacian Stones Speak? Urbanization and Romanization at Dacia's Colonia Deducta: Sarmizegetusa

Eric Jennings
Mars and Ares: The Manifestations of War in Mythology

Sarah Moravsik
In Christ: Clement of Alexandria's Pneumatology in Paedagogus 1.6

Kevin Oriani
Hebraic Uses of 'En in The Royal Psalms and Their Interpretation by The Antiochene Fathers


Christine Banach
The Roman Empire: From Julius Caesar to Romulus Augustus: A Course

Gabriel A. DiLeonardo
The Eighth Wonder of the Ancient World

Bruce R. Hoefer III
Aristocracy and Constitution in Cicero's De Re Publica

Victoria LaMonica
A Monumental Battle: Augustus' Propaganda Mission Against Mark Antony

Whitney Nelson
Targeting the Audience: The Ancient Roman Gladiator in Modern Cinema


John Eby
Studies in the Myth of Er
Isaac Farias
The "Mean" Geometer: Roman Geometers' Approaches to Geometry
Katrina J. E. Milton
A Villa Transcending Time: An Investigation of the Villa of Diomedes from Its Excavation to Modern Day


Daniel Marlett
A Metrical Analysis of Pindar’s Pythian IV
Michael Schierer
The Ideal Politician in the Mind of Cicero
Thomas Schubert
Aristocratic Virtues and the Balance of Power in the Late Roman Republic: Political Functions of Veristic Portraits
Kristen Thiers
Eastern Influences in Greek Sanctuaries of the Archaic Era


Clarissa Dominguez
Property Rights of Women in Ancient Rome

Erin Manning
Literary Performance in Rome

Jacob Walsh
The Judicial Torture of Slaves in Classical Athens


Patrick Cavanaugh
Legal Terminology in Tertullian

Robert Coons (1)
Spartan Foreign Policy in the Archaic and Classical Periods: From Practicality to Propaganda
(Senior Thesis in Classical Civilization)

Robert Coons (2)
The Self-Fashioning of Quintus Sertorius: A Study in Leadership
(Senior Thesis in History)

Monica Cortright
Plato's Cratylus: Serious Philology or Playful Philosophy?

Gerard Cummings
The Similarities and Differences of the Central Courts, Residential Quarters, and Key Rooms in the Minoan Palaces of Knossos, Phaistos, and Zakros

Jacqueline Daley
Apollo's Birthplace: Hub of the Aegean

Elizabeth Fetner
Out of the Mouths of Bards

Elizabeth Homan
Understanding Roman Women: Mothers, Children, and Domestic Life

Victoria A. Napoli
Pliny the Elder and the Fine Arts

Samantha Saporito
Xenophon on Virtue: The Agesilaus as an Ethical Model for the Hellenica?


Katelynn Chambers
Homer and Bacchylides, Apollodorus and Ovid: The Meleager Myth

Matthew Innes
Provide and Conquer: Roman Logistics and Military Superiority

Rebecca Jackson
The Manicheans and the Frontier

Jocelyn Rohrbach
The Exchange of Pity: Rhetoric and Response within Euripides

Andrew Rudolphi
"Memento omnia mihi et in omnis licere": The Evolution of Assassination and Proscription in the Roman World

Courtney Valeo
Forgetting the Present: Time and Oblivion in the Underworlds of Homer, Dante and Vergil

Kathryn E. Winter
A Study into Archaic Greek Pottery: Primarily Focusing on Pottery Fragments in the CUA Collection


Kristin Mullarkey
The Catalyst Corpse: An Analysis of Close Encounters with the Dead in the Oedipus Tyrannus of Sophocles


Angelle Bonnecarrere
Pandora's Box: Perspectives on Greek Women

Erica Buentello
Identity Crisis: Apollo and Dionysus at Delphi

Rebecca Goodman
The Universal Antidote: A Test of Endurance

Robert Stern
Greek Dithyrambs


Sarah Insley
Classical Paradigms, Christian Contexts: Gregory of Nazianzos' Funeral Oration on Basil the Great

Laura Johnson
Bird Divination in the Homeric Epics

Alexander Pino
Greek Silence

John Scanlon
Ariadne in Ovid and Catullus


Matthew L. Bilenki
Hoplite Iconography on a Corinthian Aryballos at Catholic University

Timothy Chirdon
Julii Caesaris Clementia

Stefanie Marie Jenkins
Apotheosis: Ancient and Modern

Tirzah O'Beirne
Wyler "Wakes" Wallace in Ben-Hur's Sea Battle

William J. Phelan IV
Inventory and Commentary on the Bronze Coinage of Constantine the Great at The Catholic University of America's Catholic History Research Center and University Archives


Amber Garofolo
Venus Genetrix and Her Relationship to the Julio-Claudian Family

Emily Oren
Can Cinema Be "Classic"? A Study of its Elements in Comparison with Classical Literature

John Welsh
Perspectives on a King: Croesus in Bacchylides, Herodotus, and Plutarch


Meghan Gallagher
Demens et Fortis: Cleopatra VII in Horace's Ode 1.37 and Augustan Poetry

Sarah Gustafson
Revenge as an Act of Passion: The thumos of Medea in Euripides

Christopher C. Mank
The Evolution of the Praetorian Guard in the Reign of Tiberius

Catherine Peters
The Role of a Roman Woman as a Wife


Jamie Reddington
The "Judgment of Paris" in Literature and Art

Stephen Francis Scott
The Temple of Apollo Epikourios and the Arcadian Mercenary


Sarah K. McCullough
Psyche and thymos in Homer and the Lyric Poets

Christopher P. Susie
The Beech in the Eclogues: Virgil's Assimilation and Adaptation of phegos


Michelle Su Shupp
Education in Ancient Rome

Ceylan Tozeren
Medea: Unconventional Tragedy


Alexander D. Griffiths
Britain: Was it Romanized?

Shanna L. Peterson
The Vestal Virgins as Brides to Rome

Danielle R. Smith
The Hylas Episode in Apollonius of Rhodes and Valerius Flaccus


Richard A. Ionata
Roman Banquets as Symbolic Statements of Wealth and Social Structure

Megan Matthews
Gender, Honor, and Criminal Censure in Republican Rome: The Bacchanalian Conspiracy of 186 BC