The Catholic University of America

Dr. Richard Westall

Richard Westall (PhD, Stanford, 2000) teaches Greek and Latin and the history of ancient Rome for the CUA Rome Program.  His work focuses upon the socio-economic background of the civil wars that transformed the Roman Republic into the Empire and upon the conversion of the Roman Empire to Christianity in the fourth century AD.  He organized an international conference on the Roman civil wars of 49-30 BCE at Margherita di Savoia in 2012, and he is preparing another to take place in 2014.  To date he has written some 30 articles and 15 book reviews relating to Roman history and ancient historiography.  His book upon Julius Caesar’s account of the Civil War of 49-48 BC is currently under review, and he is presently engaged in turning a series of articles into a book dealing with the creation of the basilica of St. Peter in the Vatican as it was first constructed by Constantius II in AD 357-359.