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Dr. John F. Petruccione

Detail of the Roman theatre at Augusta Emerita (modern Merida), Spain  

John F. Petruccione (email; BA Dartmouth College (Classics, 1972); MA, Oxford University (Theology, 1974); PhD, The University of Michigan (Classical Studies, 1985), associate professor of Greek and Latin, studies and teaches classical, patristic, and medieval Latin and Greek literature.  His publications include articles in the fields of patristic Latin literature (Analecta bollandiana, Revue des études augustiniennes, Sacris erudiri, Vigiliae christianae) and medieval palaeography (Scriptorium, Journal of Medieval Latin). His most recent publication is "Madness in Ante-Nicene Christianity: The Portrayal of the Persecutor in the Martyr Acts and Related Literature" in H. Perdicoyanni, The Concept of Madness from Homer to Byzantium (Amsterdam 2016).  He is the founding editor and editorial director of the Library of Early Christianity (LEC), a series of critical editions of early Christian texts with facing-page English translations. The LEC has now produced three volumes: J.F. Petruccione and R.C. Hill, Theodoret of Cyrrus, The Questions on the Octateuch, LEC, voll. 1-2 (CUA Press: Washington 2007) and G.L. Thompson, The Correspondence of Julius I, LEC, vol. 3  (CUA Press: Washington 2015). In collaboration with I. Pásztori-Kupán, Dr. Petruccione is producing an annotated edition of the letters of Theodoret of Cyrrus (collectio sirmondiana), which will be published as volumes 4 and 5 of the LEC.  He has been the recipient of a Mellon Fellowship in Post-Classical Humanities at the American Academy in Rome (1990-91), a Margo Tytus Fellowship at the University of Cincinnati (fall 2003), a Fulbright Research Fellowship in Rome (2007-08), a Scaliger Fellowship at the University of Leiden (June 2008), and a fellowship from the Loeb Classical Library Foundation (fall 2011).  A member of the CUA faculty since 1985, he has taught introductory Greek and Latin, Greek and Latin prose composition, and courses in Greek and Latin classical and patristic authors and in medieval Latin literature.


courses taught and upcoming

Fall 2016
  • TBA
  • LAT 530, Ovid, Metamorphoses

Sample past courses

  • GR 103-104, Intermediate Greek I-II
  • GR 501, Elementary Greek for Graduate Students
  • GR 511, Greek Prose Composition
  • GR 528, Greek Lyric Poetry
  • GR 565, Theodoret of Cyrrus
  • GR 576, Greek Philosophical Works: Aristotle, Nichomachean Ethics
  • GR 603, New Testament Greek
  • GR 604, Textual Criticism of the New Testament
  • LAT 101-104, Elementary and Intermediate Latin I-II
  • LAT 458, Roman Satire
  • LAT 511, Latin Prose Composition
  • LAT 520, Roman Drama
  • LAT 529, Roman Elegy: Ovid, Fasti
  • LAT 529, Roman Elegy: Love Elegy
  • LAT 530, Ovid, Metamorphoses
  • LAT 548, Roman Satire
  • LAT 553, Roman Oratory
  • LAT 558, Roman Satire
  • LAT 566, Introduction to Hagiographical Literature
  • LAT 566, Latin Biblical Poets
  • LAT 576, Roman Philosophical Works: Cicero, Tusculan Disputations
  • LAT 642, Medieval Latin Seminar: Martianus Capella, De nuptiis Philologiae et Mercurii
  • LAT 655, Survey of Roman Literature
  • LAT 705, Patristic Seminar: The Latin Literature of Late-Antique Aquitaine
  • LAT 706, Early Latin Hymnody