The Catholic University of America


CUA's wide-ranging interest in antiquity means that you may study ancient and medieval languages, literatures, history, art, archaeology, philosophy, and theology with faculty members from both inside and outside the Department of Greek and Latin.

The department itself has five full-time professors, as well as a Professor Emeritus, two part-time lecturers, and a number of teaching fellows and teaching assistants drawn from amongst our own graduate students.  Several faculty members in other university departments regularly teach courses of interest to our discipline, as well.


teaching fellows and teaching assistants

  • Ms. Keturah Kiehl, MA
  • Mr. Stephen Beck, MA
  • Mr. Paul Calvin, MA
  • Mr. Leo Hunt, MA
  • Ms. Kathleen Kirsch, MA
  • Ms. Patricia Craig, MA
  • Mr. Alex Poulos, MA
  • Mr. John Matthews, MA
  • Ms. Sarah Moravsik
  • Ms. Maria Stouraiti (for Anthropology)
  • Ms. Jodie Rice Augustine (for Anthropology)
  • Mr. John Marshall (for Anthropology)