The Catholic University of America

College Year in Athens

College Year in Athens, founded in 1962, is located near the restored ancient stadium in downtown Athens. Its students are housed in CYA-owned apartments in the Kolonaki neighborhood. CYA offers yearlong, semester, and summer programs, and at any given time during the academic year there are generally about 150 students in residence. The CYA curriculum focuses upon ancient, Byzantine, and modern Greece and the Mediterranean world, with a wide variety of courses offered in such subject areas as languages (encouraged but not required), literatures, mythology, archaeology, history, and art. Site visits and field trips also comprise a significant portion of the curriculum.

The Parthenon, Athens, 5th century BC

CUA considers College Year in Athens to be an "affiliated" program, which means that its cost to CUA students is equal to CUA tuition plus a program maintenance fee.

For students who need to accumulate credit in the ancient languages during a semester abroad, it is useful to know that College Year in Athens traditionally offers study in ancient Greek at all levels and courses in Latin at the post-intermediate level. (There are also courses available in the study of modern Greek.)

The CYA page of the CUAbroad website and the CYA program website provide more information.