The Catholic University of America

Doctoral Dissertations, 1979-present

All of these dissertations were submitted to University Microfilms (now ProQuest) for publication. Many of the dissertations completed before 1979 were published in series by the CUA Press.

Sally Ann Shore
St. John Chrysostom's De Virginitate and De Non Iterando Coniugio: Translation and Commentary
DAI-A 41/02 (August 1980), p. 665.

John Joseph Dillon
Lapsus: A Study of the Word and Its Synonyms from the Classical Age to St. Cyprian
DAI-A 43/04 (October 1982), p. 1136.

Rev. Lawrence Richard Hennessey
Expressions of Death and Immortality in Homer, Plato, and Origen of Alexandria: A Literary and Theological Comparative Study
DAI-A 43/03 (September 1982), p. 794.

Francis John Gilardi
The Sylloge Epigraphica Turonensis De S. Martino
DAI-A 44/04 (October 1983), p. 1078.

William Joseph McCarthy
Sol Salutis, Arbor Mundi, Lucerna Christi. Cosmic Cross and Cosmic Christ in a Second Century AD Paschal Homily
DAI-A 44/11 (May 1984), p. 3376.

Katharine C. Black
Direct Address in Sophocles: A Study of Dramatic Convention
DAI-A 46/09 (March 1986), p. 2684.

Cynthia Kahn
Felix Hymenaeus: A Study of Greek and Latin Epithalamia through the Fourth Century AD
DAI-A 52/03 (September 1991), p. 905.

Sally Rogers
Christian Adaptations of Euripidean Themes in Clement of Alexandria, Protrepticus and Stromata
DAI-A 52/03 (September 1991), p. 905.

Lloyd Jonnes
The Inscriptions of Heraclea Pontica
DAI-A 53/03 (September 1992), p. 787.

Andrew C. Dinan
Fragments in Context: Clement of Alexandria's Use of Quotations from Heraclitus (Philo of Alexandria, Plutarch, Greece)
DAI-A 65/11 (May 2005), p. 4184.

Edward Strickland
Christian Leadership in Late Antique Ancyra
DAI-A 67/10 (April 2007).

John Pepino
St. Eucherius of Lyons: Rhetorical Adaptation of Message to Intended Audience in Fifth-Century Provence

DAI-A 70/02 (August 2009).

Sr. Maria Kiely, O.S.B.
Ambrose the Pastor and the Image of the 'Bride: Exegesis, Philosophy, and the "Song of Songs" 
DAI-A 74/09(E)
Brent Douglas Gilbert
The Image of God, Greek Medicine and Trinitarian Polemic in Gregory of Nyssa's "De Hominis Opificio"
DAI-A 75/06(E)
Rev. Edward Arthur Naumann
Augustine the Preacher and the Judgment of God
DAI-A 76/10(E)
Lionel G. S. A.Yaceczko
Ausonius of Bordeaux: Grammar, Rhetoric and the Establishment of a Christian Culture in the Late Roman West
DAI-A 77/06(E)